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The Back Story

Crave 1.0

Crave 1.0 first opened 7 years ago in a tiny 20 seat space. The Collective wanted to try and create a space where neighbours could connect, get to know each other and create a sense of belonging to our neighbourhood. 

Crave 2.0

After 2 years, Crave 2.0 opened as we punched the giant hole in the wall and pushed into the Nana’s lounge space, over doubling the cafe in size. We established a stage area for events, installed a PA and created an upstairs bar and meeting area. The huge custom community table was a physical expression of the values of connection that underpin the reason for Crave’s existence.

We had 5 glorious years of engaging with the wonderful Morningside locals in that form of Crave (even on some crazy busy, super cosy days!) and on Monday 26 September 2016, after months of planning, renovating and painting up a grimy old tyre warehouse, we opened...

Crave 3.0

'The new Crave', as it has been coined, is the newest cafe space located across the road from our old haunt, on the corner of Morningside Drive and McDonald St. It was 18 months in the making (though many more years in the dreaming) and we are proud as punch of it.

And ridiculously grateful too. Thank you to the amazing Morningside community - individuals, families and businesses - and many who come from much further afield  so support us as together we make Morningside a better place to live.



A Little Clip

Watch a brief explanation from Nigel and Blue about how Crave came about and what we are trying to do as part of the Thriving Neighbourhoods Conference hosted by Auckland Council.




Community Initiatives

Everything we do, we do in the hope of creating community, from coffee to street parties.

We exist to knit people together, to offer someone a seat, and to usher in a sense of belonging. Here are some of the ways that we do that:

Street Parties

Twice yearly Crave hosts a street party that consists of free food, free coffee and free love with the intention of helping our neighbours connect with each other. We think the world can be pretty severe sometimes, but that a cup of tea and a good neighbour might just be the remedy to this. Keep watch on our Facebook page for more details of the next street party.

Loyal Workshop

We've partnered with Loyal Workshop to sell their ethical quality crafted bags and satchels at Crave, as well as using their leather straps on our aprons. Loyal Workshop is based in Kolkata, India, as part of a programme to help women escape the sex trade. Read more of their inspiring story here.