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The basic craving of humanity is to


One of the basic cravings of humanity is to


(and coffee)





From Humble Beginnings to a thriving eatery

Kia ora. So glad to have you with us.

Crave cafe is owned by a collective, a neighbourhood ‘whanaungatanga’* if you will.

Some years ago, a few of us got together and decided we wanted to make Morningside a better place to live. We asked the locals what the neighbourhood needed most and addressing social poverty was top of the list. So we chipped in and started Crave where all of our profit goes towards the community - now we all get to live and work in the best of places. Seems like a good time to us.

One of the basic cravings of humanity is to connect with each other. We think that outstanding coffee, superb food and engaging conversations in locally-crafted spaces are a brilliant way to show ‘manaakitanga’** to all.

We’d like to thank you for supporting this community and making our neighbourhood a better place to live, simply by living a little with us.

Happy days.

#morningsideforlife #somegoodinourhood

* relationship, kinship, sense of family connection through shared experiences; provides a sense of belonging.

** ‘hospitality’ - includes welcoming, kindness, generosity, respect and support, especially to those visiting.


“Crave make a real effort in the local community, and they make a real effort to help other people. The Crave ethos is very community based. It seems to me that in this modern fast paced society we live in, many people have forgotten that there is a lot of peace and happiness to be found in helping others, taking an interest in other people, learning from them and teaching them when possible. Crave was set up by people who had not forgotten this simple fact, and it is at the core of all that happens at Crave… ”

— Adam M

“I have been coming to Crave for business meetings for a while now and I think this place deserves a review. The food is always good, well-cooked, servings are plentiful and the service is great - sometimes i barely blink and the food is on the table... The speed of service is quite impressive considering how busy this place is becoming during the weekends. ”

— Charles C

“We recently contracted Crave to cater for a 60th with 50 or so guests. Working to a fixed budget, the Crave team brought the food and cooked it in our kitchen. This meant the food was fresh and delivered hot which made a huge difference. Crave added to the fun of the event too, and meant hosts were not required to be worrying about food preparation and could just enjoy the event. ”

— Dan H