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Emma’s Story

Emma McGeorge’s is a face that has been around the hood a lot more of late, and it’s not just because of the new Morningside Precinct.

Tim’s Story

If you’ve ever had a coffee from Tim Shallard, or listened as he opened up the scriptures, you’ll already know the common element to everything he does is his ability to get to the heart of things.

Cathie’s Story

A love story brought Cathie Cottle to Morningside. So it’s fitting that she’s now running a brand new cafe called KIND whose mission is to foster kindness in the area. Being kind to yourself. Being kind to the neighbours. And being kind to the environment.

Andrew Melville’s Story

"I've always liked my name," says Andrew Melville — writer, journalist, facilitator, storyteller, Morningsider, and all-round nice guy — by way of introduction.

Jaquie’s Story

I have to confess a bit of a crush on Jaquie Brown’s voice. Not just her speaking voice, though that is certainly crush-worthy, but also the voice that reflects who she is, both personally and professionally.

Toby’s Story

Cartoonist and illustrator Toby Morris remembers getting a present from a family friend who he thinks may have recognised his love of drawing. It was a stack of Asterix and Tintin books, tatty old editions with missing pages, really banged up. And it was the coolest thing ever.

Barbra’s Story

You don’t become New Zealand’s top power-lifter without being incredibly driven. And Barbra Auva’a is certainly that.

Rachel’s Story

Growing up in Te Atatu South, Rachel Langton was no stranger to families struggling with unemployment, or the fragmenting impact on communities of poverty and mental health issues.

Scotty’s Story

It’s fair to say Scotty Pearson is probably one of the hardest working drummers in NZ rock’n’roll. But there’s a lot less of him now than there used to be.

Susan’s Story

Susan Jordan’s childhood dilemma of pursuing either the arts or religion is sadly all too common. But what she ultimately made of her life is anything but.

Jen’s Story

Jen Martinez remembers the days when kids could bike around what is now Morningside and not even think twice about the traffic.

Valentin’s Story

When Valentin Ozich talks about chucking himself in at the deep end, you believe him. You know from the world-weariness in his eyes and the wisdom in his words that he’s been there, in the deep water—not just once but many times.

Steve’s Story

Back when he was a one man band, it was common to see Steve Crowe in Crave for half a day, plodding through his work. He remembers it as an exhausting time—two young kids, trying to pay the bills and cover the mortgage, while remaining flexible enough with his work...

Angela’s Story

Angela Andrews was due to start a PhD in creative writing when the second Christchurch earthquake hit in February 2011. Her fourth child had been just six weeks old when the September earthquake happened. By the time of the February quake, in which 185 people were killed, Angela and husband...

Maria’s Story

‘In 2017 found myself at 64-and-a-half and no job,’ Maria Humphries says, with not a hint that she’s ready to slow down any time soon.

Pauline’s Story

‘I’m in love with love,’ says Pauline Gatto. And it’s not hard to believe it.

Ricardo’s Story

For most of us, Donald Trump’s bloated rhetoric on a ‘big, beautiful wall’ separating the US from Mexico is just that. But not for Ricardo Menendez March.

Jacky’s Story

There’s a photo on the back wall of the Crave cafe, of the Auckland provincial rugby team from 1989, back in their glory days when the squad included 18 All Blacks.

Peter’s Story

You can know a person for years without ever really knowing them at all. Such a person is Dr Peter Haynes.

Olivia’s Story

Olivia Nott knows all about the importance of family. And why wouldn’t she? Olivia not only comes from a huge family, she has seen, firsthand, how her siblings have together conquered the New Zealand music scene.