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Inspired to make Morningside a better place to live, and by the love of a cheeky pun, the cider barons and baroness decided to make what some consider to be the most bad-ass cider in the land. Created in a neighbourhood that always looks on the bright cider life, it seems the team have found the in-cider info on juicing local apples into something that a-peels to everyone. Bwahaha. Good one. 

What’s more, Morningcider was birthed from the Crave basement, a laboratory that enabled fun fermentation and flavour experiments from the very start! We asked the MC crew a few Qs.

So who's behind Morningcider?

Tim is a local through and through, previously both a barista and chef at Crave before trying his hand at brewing cider. He spearheaded the recent opening of the MorningCider cidery within walking distance of his old haunt. Pop in to say hi, or try a selection of what MorningCider has to offer at your local bar.

Three beautiful girls and a remarkable wife can be attributed to Nigel. Knowing his way around a Chemex, Nigel is addicted to good food, wine and coffee – in moderation, obviously. A big fan of community and people, Nige spends his days either loitering about Crave, Kind and Morningcider.

Lou is a legit local having lived and worked in Morningside for 12 years. She has a drive for authenticity and honesty and is a deep believer in connection and community. Lou runs Husk, a branding and design agency in Morningside, the creative peeps who are also behind the Crave, Kind and Morningcider brands. She is Mum to two boys and has a penchant for volkswagens, rap, spelling and donuts.

Describe Morningcider in six words or less?

We’d say we are cheeky, local, creative, connected, hospitality addicts. 

What inspired the name?

Like everyone, we love a good pun. The idea was first conceived while Tim and Nigel were on a trip to Seattle, attending a conference on neighbourhood development and ideas were flowing thick and fast. The idea originally started as a cycle repair shop - Morningcycle - but Tim was a bit useless with tools, and his wife said it sounded too much like a femine hygiene product. So the idea evolved into Morningcider - cider, made in Morningside. Morningcider. Woah!

What's a good food pairing with Morningcider?

Our classic cider on the front deck at Crave on a Friday afternoon in the sunshine is a win, but the best meal to pair with it would be  the good ol’ bacon benny -  all the delicious salts and fats match perfectly with our light, refreshing, low sugar cider.

Where can you drink Morningcider?

If you’re local to Auckland, we would love you to pop into the cidery in Morningside! We will vigorously shake your hand then pour you a tasting flight right out of our taps. You can also find Morningcider on tap at many bars and restaurants around the country as well as our range of fun little cans in your local supermarket. Failing that, you can shop online from and we will deliver our delicious ciders straight to your door!