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Again Again

We’re into helping our ‘hood be more sustainable. So we’ve teamed up with the brilliant team at Again Again - who are changing the world one takeaway coffee at a time.

You know we’re into sustainability. And you know we’re into our ‘hood. Most of all, we’re into making our ‘hood be more sustainable.

That’s why our takeaway cups are compostable, and why we’ve got a couple of those nifty ‘We Compost’ bins for you to chuck them into.

If everyone drank their takeaway coffee out of a compostable cup, then threw the cup into Crave’s compost bin (or any compost bin), that would be a pretty perfect sustainable solution.

But the truth is, not every compostable cup makes it into the compost. Unfortunately, most compostable cups end up elsewhere, usually either thrown in with the recycling or in a waste bin destined for landfill.

Compostable cups aren’t recyclable. And those that end up in the landfill release harmful methane gasses as they degrade, like most ‘green-waste’ items. That’s because they’re designed to break down into delicious healthy soil, not into landfill.

Each year, 295,000,000 single-use cups are sent to landfill here in New Zealand. A large percentage of these are single-use coffee cups – both compostable and non-compostable.

That’s not a solution at all.

Luckily, we’ve discovered a clever bunch of individuals who have thought long and hard and come up with a solution for this non-solution. We reckon it’s a pretty good one.

Again Again is a cup lending system that eliminates the single-use waste associated with takeaway coffee cups. We’ll keep a bunch of the Again Again cups here, and for a very small deposit, anyone can use them – take them away, hold on to them for a bit, and use them again and again. The deposit is given back to you when you return the cup, so it can be used by others, again and again (makes you wonder how they came up with their name).

It’s a perfect solution for conscious coffee lovers that either don’t want to pay for a keep cup, have paid for a keep cup but keep forgetting it, or just want to see what this keep cup thing is all about, before they commit to keeping a keep cup. Brilliant.

We’re pretty excited about it, and if you are too you can read about Again Again on their website here, or check out their Facebook page here. Or you can just keep visiting us here at Crave and see the cups first hand.