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Kenneth S

“We’ve been regulars at Crave since we moved into the area 18 months ago. I’ve tried coffee all over Auckland, all over NZ and all over the World and I’m telling you, Paul makes the best. Tim is great and their main Chef does superb Creamy Mushrooms. Here's why these guys lead the way: The other day three of us ordered meals that had Mushrooms, service was unusually slow (new kids on duty) then Tim came up and apologised for the delay and explained that they had absolutely ran out of Mushrooms. Rather than be unreasonable we settled for his alternative offerings which were promptly delivered. Then we were pleasantly surprised to be offered free Coffees and free Reward Cards for our inconvenience. Now that is service, that is looking after customers, that is hospitality. I pray these guys stay at Crave and long may the business run-well done guys!! ”