A Community Newsletter

Kia ora.
Welcome to the digital edition of Cravings.

We reckon Morningside is a pretty great place to live, and we see a lot of good going on in our hood (cafés are good for that). So we’ve decided to put it in writing.

Each month, we’ll have a new newsletter, created for the community - about the community. Crave exist to knit people together, and we reckon sharing our stories brings us all a little closer. It helps us to connect with each other, and that’s one of the basic cravings of humanity.
We’ll only print out a few of these newsletters (we’re also quite fond of trees, especially when they’re still in the ground), and some of the stories will be in snippets (see previous brackets). The full stories will all be available here, on our blog.
So, without further ado (does that make it adon’t?), here is Cravings.
We hope it satisfies.