What’s your name and how did you come to be a regular at Crave?

Maria Humphries. My daughter said “this would be just the place for you Mum”. In fact, the little doll house here was my grandchildren’s.

What’s your go-to food/drink order when you come to Crave?
Trim latte and a cheese scone- they are wonderful.

What do you like most about the neighbourhood?

Tell us a bit about your story. How did you arrive where you are today?
I shifted to Auckland to live in an intergenerational family anticipating it to be one year but I’ve been here for 10. Having generations pull their resources made living in Auckland doable. Crave became a place to bring my grandkids for special outings and lovely food. It’s a place where I do some of my work as a researcher and associate professor in management studies. Being here, in Crave, provides a reflective environment, keeping focused on social rather than corporate values.

What do you consider to be the most imperative values that all of humanity craves?
Universal peace and security

What are two words that describe the way you would like to be in the world?
Peaceful and influential

Describe to us your ideal day: 
Early start, quiet mornings, family afternoons.

Can you remember and express a moment in life that was defining for you in how it shaped the way you live?
Springboks tour and the Occupy Movement- both totally informed my teaching and research into social justice values.

Crave’s slogan is ‘some good in our hood’, how would the slogan of your life read?
Channelling post-graduates to do ‘some good in their hood’

What good is most needed in our hood?

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