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We don’t want to brag or anything but we’re totally going to. Crave, in its essence, is yours - a communal cafe for the community, have a peek at what some of our regulars have to say about us and if you’re feeling game, grab some ownership and write your own review. We’d love to hear what you’ve got to say.


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Here's what people are saying about us...

“I think all cafes have their flavour of people, the cool people and the beautiful people. Crave has good people. That is not to say that they are not cool or beautiful. I think it fair to say many of them are, but thankfully they have the manners to be discreet about it. Primarily they are good people. The staff come here on their days off which say a lot to me, and Crave have attracted the best staff I have ever met. ”

- Adam, M

“Crave make a real effort in the local community, and they make a real effort to help other people. The Crave ethos is very community based. It seems to me that in this modern fast paced society we live in, many people have forgotten that there is a lot of peace and happiness to be found in helping others, taking an interest in other people, learning from them and teaching them when possible. Crave was set up by people who had not forgotten this simple fact, and it is at the core of all that happens at Crave… ”

- Adam, M

“So why am I a regular. The food and coffee? No. I can get great food and coffee at any number of places around Auckland. I will say that the food and coffee are excellent, but this has already been said by professional reviewers who know what they are talking about. I love the décor and the art that is discreetly exhibited here, and the ever-expanding collection of beverage paraphernalia, but that is not the reason I am a regular either. It is the people. ”

- Adam, M

“Its not very often you find a cafe that has style, and serves mint food that actually fills you up and that doesn’t cost the world. I ordered the full Crave, and was stoked with the mushrooms and the little tasty kransky sausages. I’ve been to Crave for brunch 3-4 times now, and will definitely be returning! ”

- Brad

“For the coffee…all i can say is these guys have it nailed - the presentation is outstanding and the coffee art is top of the line and i just love the style of this place. Crave is in the most unlikely of locations but seems to have a constant flow of similar faces who just keep on coming back for more. I’m usually not one to quote others but in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger…..I’ll be back. ”

- Charles, C

“I have been coming to Crave for business meetings for a while now and I think this place deserves a review. The food is always good, well-cooked, servings are plentiful and the service is great - sometimes i barely blink and the food is on the table... The speed of service is quite impressive considering how busy this place is becoming during the weekends. ”

- Charles, C

“Working well as a team, Crave prepared food in a timely manner (important for all functions) and served it well. Menu selection was very good, drawing much praise, and quantities were spot on, with about 10% extra than needed at serve time meaning we had extra for the end of the evening, ideal. They even tidied the aftermath. This is a new concept for catering these types of events, and we will be promoting and recommending this to future clients that use our venue. Overall very professional and impressive. ”

- Dan, H

“We recently contracted Crave to cater for a 60th with 50 or so guests. Working to a fixed budget, the Crave team brought the food and cooked it in our kitchen. This meant the food was fresh and delivered hot which made a huge difference. Crave added to the fun of the event too, and meant hosts were not required to be worrying about food preparation and could just enjoy the event. ”

- Dan, H


Crave, in its essence, is yours… a communal café for the community, have a peek at what some of our regulars have to say about us and if you’re feeling game, grab some ownership and write your own review.
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We’d love to hear what you’ve got to say.