What’s your name and how did you come to be a regular at Crave?

Jan Whiley and I’ve been coming to Crave forever, about 10 years pre- expansion. Also, I started at the gym and then became a regular at Crave, this is my treat

What’s your go-to food/drink order when you come to Crave?
Trim Cappuccino, single shot, super hot (I drive the new baristas crazy!!)
And in the weekends usually healthy brunch, Thai salad (or the healthy bits of f my husband’s full crave breakfast).

What do you like most about the neighbourhood?
Crave café!

Tell us a bit about your story. How did you arrive where you are today?
Usually, do a workout or class at the gym and straight round to Crave but today I’m a bit lethargic so I came straight to Crave to meet a friend.

What do you consider to be the most imperative values that all of humanity craves?
Meaningful connection with family, friends, work and wider connections like what Crave is doing. Also global connections like supporting overseas causes.

What are two words that describe the way you would like to be in the world?
Caring, supportive and fair

Describe to us your ideal day: 
Early workout, coffee at Crave, do a few bits and pieces, catch some sun preferably at the beach, rewarding work, some time with family/friends

Can you remember and express a moment in life that was defining for you in how it shaped the way you live?
Some unpleasant conflict between my parents and I made a conscious decision to be fiercely independent which was a driving force. I was the first in my family to complete high school and go on to University.

Crave’s slogan is ‘some good in our hood’, how would the slogan of your life read?
Some good in the world, anyone, anywhere, any time

What good is most needed in our hood?
Safe, secure outdoor areas including facilities for families, recreation spaces et.c
And thanks Crave for making a difference.

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