Crave Food Swap

food swap

We’ve been thinking about how to make our neighbourhood greener (because that makes it better), we reckon that if we can encourage you to grow good stuff in your garden and swap it for a coffee then we all win.

We will put on the website the seasonal garden produce things that we are currently looking for as a cafe. If you grow any of these and are keen for a coffee then lets trade!

Currently we will swap a coffee for:

1kg of lemons, oranges, limes or feijoas 

A bunch of coriander, basil, flat leaf parsley, bay leaves, kaffir lime leaves 

Big bunch of kale, rhubarb, spinach 

If you have something else that you have a lot of, talk to us about it. Maybe we could create a special dish using that seasonal ingredient. 

The idea behind this is to work together to make the neighbourhood a better place to live, so if you have any ways to improve this, then let’s have a conversation.

Drop Nigel a line for more info.